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Jim Johnson and the sport of racquetball form an exceptional partnership. Jim joined the L.A. Fitness Club in Oakdale Minnesota. as soon as the building opened its doors. Physical fitness was his goal, but when cross training boredom set in, Jim decided to try R-Ball. Playing five to seven times a week became the norm as 40+ pounds melted off his body. Jim has a history of athletic success, (hockey, golf, boating, fantasy football, and beer drinking) and quickly ascended to the upper level of R-Ball competition. He favors an arsenal of Wilson racquets to subdue his opponents. Jim, a world-class ambassador for the sport, is the commissioner of the Oakdale L.A. Fitness Racquetball League and is often seen encouraging interested members to try the game.

When Jim isn’t playing R-Ball, he spends time as an account executive for Sparten Industries of Oakdale, MN. Sparten can put your company name on any promotional product, shirts, hats, pens, water bottles to name a few. Jim can be reached at jim-impact@comcast.net.

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