Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game

racquet with broken strings

Tip for Winter Play
If you leave your racquet in the car, it freezes and the frame and string become brittle. Let your racquet warm up to room temperature before you take that first shot.

How to Approach Stringing
Here an excerpt from an article written by Steve Crandall of Ashaway String Company. The article features Rex Lawler the “String King”. Rex has been stringing for over 35 years and was an enormous support for me when I first started stringing. We continue to visit and share products and stringing tips today:

Over the years Rex has strung for many of the sport’s top name – including names like Jack Huczek, Rocky Carson and Ruben Gonzalez – Rex says it’s not his experience at this level that has made his stringing so popular. “Most of the top players have their own people now and they don’t string like the average player…they use a racquet for maybe a game or two and then they don’t use that racquet again until they restring it.”

When asked how the average player should approach stringing and what should he or she look for in a stringer, Rex responded, “Well first, players need to understand the importance of stringing. I’m always surprised at how often recreational players will ask if there’s something they can do to help their game. ‘Well, I’ll say. ‘When’s the last time you restrung your racquet?’ ‘Well, they say ‘I haven’t.’ “And how long have you had the racquet?’ ‘Mmmm, a year, maybe a year and a half, so the problem is, their strings are dead.’

“The second thing players need to understand is the importance of a good stringer, someone with enough experience and string knowledge to guide them through the process of finding the right string for their game. It takes a while. Stringing is complicated; especially where you have shred holes and strings that go down into the handle and back up, and others that go in to the frame, but not through it. Go to a professional shop or someone who belongs the USRSA. It’s a good chance they’ll have a lot more knowledge of string and what they can do...let the stringer take you thru the process, ask you about your game and how you swing, Let them make recommendations and then report back and let them know how it worked out.”

Like Rex, Leatha keeps records of all her customers and works with you to learn your style of play and what you want to accomplish in your game. She uses good quality string including Ashaway string and helps you select a string that will give you the game you are looking for.